Rules & Policies


  • A player listed on the roster of a travel team CANNOT play on a SYA recreational soccer team. 

  • Participation Policy:  NO player can play the entire game unless all players on the team have played 75% of the game.

SYA Code of Conduct

All players, coaches, and spectators must adhere to the SYA Code of Conduct.


SYA Age Group Specific Rules

SYA Standards Chart 

Each age group has its own set of rules appropriate for them. Click continue to see each age group’s rules. Click on any of the age groups below for either detailed or summary of rules.


Players are assigned to leagues based on their date of birth. We are transitioning out of the "old" age group parameters to birth year age group parameters.  U4-U10 age groups will play by birth year.  The U11-U12 age groups will follow the "old" age groups parameters of 8/1-7/31 (see age group chart for the specific age group's parameters).  The U14G -U19 age groups play in the Suburban Friendship League (SFL) and also play by birth year. 

Playing Up an Age Group

U9-U12B players whose birth date falls between August 1 and December 31 AND are in the next higher grade as the higher age group have the option to play up ONE age group. If a parent wants their child to play up with their grade, they will need to request that on their registration form under "special requests" and provide proof of grade level (e.g. report card). Players will be initially placed with their default age group. 

Playing Down an Age Group

The only waivers that are given to play down an age group are for children with pervasive physical or mental challenges. A written request should be submitted at the time of registration. The written request should include a recommendation from the child's physician that the player plays down an age group and can be sent via email to registrar@syasoccer.orgWhen registering online, please note in special requests that you want your player to play down.  Requests to play down will be given to the Soccer Commissioner for review.  Players whose age group plays in the Suburban Friendship League are not eligible to play down an age group according to SFL rules.  

Any person who intentionally/deliberately misrepresents the age or grade of their child on the registration form or on-line, will have their child expelled from the soccer program for one season. All fees paid will be retained by the club. Only the parent or legal guardian of a child may register a child in soccer.

To the greatest extent possible, teams are formed geographically around the residence of volunteer coaches, taking into account players’ neighborhoods and school boundaries, but there should be no expectation that players will be with the same coach or team in consecutive seasons.

SYA will consider special requests, but cannot guarantee that they will be honored. Reasonable carpool requests will be taken into consideration, but requests to carpool with more than three players may not be able to be honored. SYA will attempt to honor requests to avoid a particular practice day.

Refund Policy

Recreational season Refund Requests:  Requests for recreational season registration refunds must be made in writing and received prior to the scheduled recreational coaches’ meeting.  SYA Soccer will refund the registration fee minus a $35 processing fee. After the scheduled recreational coaches’ meeting,  no refunds will be granted.  Complete the Refund Request Form and mail to the address listed on the form, or fax to (703) 539-8633. SYA Soccer will refund the registration fee minus a $35 processing fee. Refunds are issued back to either your credit card if you paid by credit card or by check if you paid by check or cash and will be processed by our first game.


Camp/Clinic Refund Requests:  Requests for Camp/Clinic refunds must also be in writing.  If a request is made more than seven days before the start of camp/clinic, 75% is refunded.  If a request is made less than seven days before the start of camp/clinic, no refunds are offered. 


Animal/Pet Policy on Soccer Fields


There are three Fairfax County ordinances prohibiting pets (i.e., dogs) from all Fairfax County school grounds. There are health notices on all FCPS school grounds asking pet owners to NOT bring their pets on school grounds. Please do not bring your pets to ANY school fields.

FAIRFAX COUNTY/REGIONAL PARK AUTHORITY PARKS (Kincheloe, Popes Head, EC Lawrence, Braddock Park, Arrowhead Park):

It must be on a leash, must remain AT LEAST 15 feet from the field at all times (NEVER to be on the field), controlled by someone that can restrict its movements (ie, not a child), and any waste must be cleaned up and taken with you.

We prefer that you would NOT bring your pet to any soccer fields. We have had many complaints from concerned parents. While most people are responsible, even the best of dogs will had a bad day.

Because of the number of people who visit the fields, and local health codes, please consider leaving your pet at home while attending soccer games.


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