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Spring 2019                                              

Registration for Spring House Volleyball is Now CLOSED.

Spring Travel Team Tryout Registration Is Now CLOSED.

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Remember how much fun you had playing volleyball when you were younger, now’s your chance to share your knowledge and love of the game with the next generation of players!

SYAV is a volunteer program and we need coaches at every level in order to provide this program for all of the children that want to play. If you are interested in coaching please volunteer at syasports.org. We provide practice management, drills, and training for coaches and assistant coaches.




The mission of the Southwestern Youth Association Volleyball (SYAV) is to provide Western Fairfax County area youth with the opportunity to play recreational and competitive volleyball in a controlled environment that provides entertainment and enjoyment.

SYAV offers teams that play volleyball at 3 levels of competition and commitment:

  • House Volleyball is offered in the spring and fall and is for beginning to intermediate level players and will focus on the development of basic volleyball skills. Each week, house teams have one practice (usually on Monday or Tuesday) and one match (Wednesday for high school teams and Thursday for middle and elementary school teams). For more information about SYA’s house volleyball, click here.

  • Travel Volleyball is for more experienced and skilled payers and will focus developing advanced skills along with offensive and defensive schemes. Travel volleyball is offered for middle school players in the fall and for both middle and high school players in the spring. Travel teams practice twice a week and play matches against teams from other volleyball organizations on Wednesdays at various locations across Fairfax County. For more information about SYA’s travel volleyball, click here.

  • Club Volleyball offers the highest level of competition for junior volleyball players. Tryouts for club volleyball are held in November with practices starting in December. The club season runs through May or June. Club teams practice twice a week with additional conditioning sessions, and compete in weekend tournaments (some multi-day). For more information about SYA’s club volleyball, click here.

SYAV also offers volleyball skills clinics during the summer and winter. For more information, click here.

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