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MOVED to June 13! at the SYA Sports Park loated at:

6466 Bul Run Post Office Rd (Field 2)

No matter what age or skill level, speed is a skill that can be learned and improved. Some athletes may have natural speed, while others do not. However, every athlete can teach their muscles how to move efficiently to improve stride length and stride frequency, thus improving linear speed. The Linear Speed Clinic provides exercises and training that exaggerate running mechanics and teach the athlete how to move properly to maximize their potential for running speed through individual attention from our certified Strength and Performance Coaches.

Learn And Receive:

· Proper Acceleration & First Step Mechanics

· Proper Top End Speed Mechanics

· Individual Breakdown of Running Form and Technique (Video Analysis)

· Drills and Exercises to help build and maintain what you learned.

· FREE Speed T-Shirt

Additionally, each registration will come with a digital download of our Acceleration and Top End Speed digital manuals. 


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