U10, U11, U12, and U14 SYA Rec Soccer End-Of-Season SINGLE GAME ELIMINATION TOURNAMENT


                                                                    END- OF- SEASON TOURNAMENT RULES


FOR U10, U11. U12, and U14  TEAMS 

1.   All tournament game fields are to be freshly lined and set up with their proper field markings and equipment. This is the teams’ responsibility to ensure these actions are done in sufficient time before the scheduled first tournament game, and fields are kept correctly maintained throughout the tournament games for the game fields that their teams are playing their tournament games.

2. Kincheloe Fields 5 and 8 are dualed lined lines and will be set up in advance by Rob Olson

3. Any delays in time for the field not being ready by scheduled game time is deducted from the total game time and divided in half so each reduced tournament game half is equal.

4. ALL End-Of-Season (EOS)Tournament Games are Single-Game Elimination Format. Any game ending in a tie game at the conclusion of tournament game AUTOMATICALLY goes to Kicks From Penalty Mark To Determine The Game Winner.

For the EOS Tournament Games, the following regular season SYA game rules DO NOT APPLY

  • 4 Goal Differential Rule
  • Goalkeeper’s 50% Restriction

Reminder For Coaches and Sidelines: Players with their Coaches are on one side and all Parents and Spectators are located are on the other side of the field.   Each team is only permitted the Coach and 1 Assistant Coach to be with the team.

-- We need everyone’s cooperation in starting ALL tournament games at the scheduled game time. Each team that has the minimum number of players that includes a goalkeeper for their respective age group has the required number of players to start the game.  Late-arriving players must be checked by the referee or Assistant Referee before player is verified to be an eligible player to become a field player at the next game stoppage.  Coaches, please do not send your players onto the field without being checked by the referees. 

--. Team warm-ups are permitted provided the previous game ended on time and warm-ups do not interfere with teams’ responsibility for setting up the field and equipment for the next game.

--  All players need to be ready to take the field to play the game and ensure they have their correct player’s equipment and NO JEWELRY.

-- In the event of inclement weather or game stoppage for game suspensions, the game is considered to be played if half of the tournament game has been played and game results are recorded. 

--. A grace period of 10 minutes is provided for each team to have the minimum number of players for the team to field a team.  Game is reduced by the number of minutes used in the grace period for late-arriving players, deducted from total game time, and divided in half so each reduced tournament game half is equal.

--  If either or both teams cannot field a team by the “scheduled tournament game time”, the game is declared a FORFEIT TOURNAMENT GAME for either or both teams that did not field the minimum number of players to start the game. 

REFEREES DO NOT WORK ANY SCRIMMAGE GAME for any game for which a FORFEIT GAME occurred.   If teams from the forfeited game wish to play a scrimmage game with an adult volunteer calling the scrimmage game, the teams may play a scrimmage game. 

The Referee is the official timekeeper for the game, and keeps a running clock for the game.  NO TIME is added to the game. 

The following chart lists the minimum number of players for each age group to start the game, and late-arriving players can added with Referee’s permission as listed in the age group’s rules.




















Mininum Players

Official Team






With Goalkeeper

Size With



At 1/2 of each 1/2



For Each Team To




see tournament



Start & Play Game

















2 @ 25 MINUTES

1 minute













2  @ 30 MINUTES

1 minute













2  @ 30 MINUTES

1 minute













2 @ 35 MINUTES

1 minute





13. WATER BREAK:  ONLY APPLIES TO SPRING EOS TOURNAMENT: At the discretion of the referee, the water breaks may be instituted in cases of weather advisory and extreme heat. Otherwise, at approximately the half-way mark of each half at a convenient game stoppage point, Referee will allow the players to take a quick one (1)-minute water break.  Players can go to their sidelines to take a quick drink of water BUT PLAYERS MUST STAY ON THE GAME FIELD.  Water bottles shall not be thrown on or off the field at any time -- SAFETY ISSUE.

14.  Any game that ends in a tie game AUTOMATICALLY GOES to Penalty Kick Shoot Out For Determining Game Winner.  Any team that refuses to participate in the Penalty Kick Shoot-Out will automatically forfeit the game.   Tournament Games are listed only as a WIN or LOSS.  Any tie games goes immediately to Kicks From Penalty Mark To Determine Game Winner

15.  ONLY players who are currently registered and rostered for their respective SYA Recreational Soccer Team are eligible to play.  NO GUEST PLAYERS !  NO TRAVEL PLAYERS! NO BORROWED PLAYERS FROM ANOTHER SYA REC OR TRAVEL TEAM. 

--  If a coach has a question about this issue, coach informs the Age Group Coordinator. THIS IS NOT A RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE REFEREE TO ENFORCE.  The game is played, and these concerns for coaches’ questioning player’s eligibility will be directed to the Age Group Commissioner.

ALL Tournament Games will play the SYA Regular Season Rules with only the following 2 EXCEPTIONS FOR TOURNAMENT GAMES For U10, U11, and U12 Teams:

1.  Regular Season Goal Differential Rule DOES NOT APPLY for tournament games for U10, U11, and U12 teams.   This means no player is added to the team regardless of the score.  If the winning coach decides to take off player or players from his or her team to keep from running up the score, this option is allowed provided the team has the minimum number of players for the age group on the game field at all times during the game. 

2.  Regular Season Rule For Goalkeeper Not Playing More Than 50% of the game DOES NOT APPLY for tournament games for U10, U11, and U12 teams.

REMINDER:   ONLY the Goal Keeper is permitted to wear a baseball cap provided that faces forward, and IT DOES NOT PRESENT ANY DANGER TO ANY PLAYER.

ALL cards are to be reported immediately after each game by the coaches to their Age Group Coordinator, who will phone them into SYA Referee Coordinator at 703-815-0977 for determining whether or not player is eligible for next game his/her team has won and advanced to the next game.   

The game will result in a FORFEIT if any ineligible player plays, and his/her team will forfeit the game (match) and the score will be recorded as 3 to 0 for the opponent.  There may also be other sanctions depending on the nature and severity of the offenses.

If a coach or other persons on a team are ineligible to be at the tournament game (match) and are at the field his/her team will forfeit the game (match) and the score will be recorded as 3 to 0 for the opponent.  There may also be other sanctions depending on the nature and severity of the offenses.

Penalty requirements (i.e. sanctions and game sit-outs) for any individual (i.e., player, coach, coaching staff, or spectator)  carry forward from the regular season into the tournament games, and must be completed before respective tournament date of June 2nd, 2012.  (For any individual who is serving their one game sit-out due on June 2nd, 2012, the individual sits out the first game their team plays.  If their team wins their first game, the individual is permitted to attend their next game played by the team (i.e. only 2 possibilities: team is either playing second game on Saturday or their 2nd game is the championship game on Sunday

CLARIFICATION:  Some individuals have penalty points from yellow and red cards for regular-season games.  If these individuals receive an additional card during the tournament game(s), these individuals would have an accumulation of penalty points and would have a minimum one game-sit out due for the next scheduled tournament game.

However, if the situation occurs during the last tournament game, then these penalties carry forward to Fall 2012 for the individual and would require the minimum of the 1 game sit-out at the first opportunity that the team plays their first game.  Penalty points go with the person, and must be served by the person.