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Updated: August 15, 2022
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What does a typical practice/game schedule look like?

2-3 nights per week, usually about an hour and a half each
Games typically held on Saturdays for Boys and Sundays for Girls. 

Games are usually just over an hour, with possible early arrival for warmups.

No practices in the Fall, only hour and a half sessions each Sunday.

When do practices start?

Spring - assessments held in February, practices begin March 1

Fall - early September, the weekend following Labor Day

When do games start?

Spring - Late March

Fall - No formal games only scrimmages

When do season ends?

Spring - Second weekend of June (Championship games held that Sunday)

Fall - Early November

Are there evaluations/tryouts? When?

Yes - Mid February through early March

No evaluations in fall

Are their playoffs?

Yes - for teams that keep score, playoffs begin first weekend of June


Is there a Picture Day?

For Spring- yes, usually help in April


Opening or closing ceremonies or activities No


Where can I find more info? Throughout the website

Throughout the website

Are there any Big Events for this sport during season TBD each season

TBD each season

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