BALL POSSESSION (can't score without the ball)

ATTACK                                                                      DEFEND

1.  Penetration - players should                       1.  Delay - pressure on ball or drop off
         look to go forward with a shot,
         dribble or pass as their first option
2.  Support - be available for a pass,               2.  Cover - behind pressure on ball
         get open, proper                                                     proper distance and angle
          distance and angle                                                                 
3.  Mobility - runs off the ball, diagonal,           3.  Balance - watch danger area
         checking, square                                                   away from ball
4.  Width - for crossing, stretch the                   4.  Concentration - in danger area
5.  Improvisation - creativity in the right            5.  Control and restraint - no 
         places on the field                                                  unneccesary yellow cards
6.  Finish - hit the target, no excuses                 6.  Quick counter - intelligent and
                                                                                             fast ideas

 To be a very good and great team, you must apply the Principles individually, in groups and as a team.