Three teams are Champions and Four are Finalists!

It was another exciting tournament for our All Star teams who competed in the Herndon All Star Cup on Nov. 18th and 19th.   All the teams played well with three teams taking home championship trophies and four teams taking home finalist trophies. These teams were:

  • U10G Black division, Finalist, coached by Steve Kelly
  • U12B Red division, Champion, coached by Shakeel Yusuf
  • U12G Red division, Finalist, coached by Gabe Joseph
  • U13G, Champion, coached by Cristina Rodriguez
  • U14B, Champion, coached by Bill Walter
  • U14G, Finalist, coached by Jeff Manuel
  • U16G Finalist, coached by David Stach and Kevin Cropp

We want to thank all the coaches and other volunteers who worked with these teams to get them ready for the tournament. The teams were coached by:

  • U9 Boys (two teams):  Justin Johnson and Paul Cruz
  • U9 Girls (two teams):  Mike Freix and Jess Ziccarello
  • U10 Boys (two teams):  Steve Rondeau and Alex Brown
  • U10 Girls (two teams):  Steve Kelly and Chris Joiner
  • U11 Boys (two teams):  Carlos Vigil and Alex Castro
  • U11 Girls:  Trey Leightley
  • U12 Boys (two teams):  Shakeel Yusuf and Bruce Robbins
  • U12 Girls:  Gabe Joseph
  • U13 Girls:  Cristina Rodriguez
  • U14 Boys (two teams):  Bill Walter and Frank Etienne
  • U14 Girls:  Jeff Manuel
  • U16 Boys:  Tom Ryan
  • U16 Girls:  Co-coaches, David Stach and Kevin Cropp
  • U19 Boys:  Joe and Lynn Swartz
  • U19 Girls:  Russ Carter

 We also want to thank  our All Star coordinator, Kristine Kruse, for all her efforts to get the teams ready for the tournament.  She did another terrific job!